Alien Invasion [Adventure] [Modded] (Add-on)

A city has been invaded by aliens and their intentions are clearly not good. It’s up to you (and your friends if you play this in multiplayer) to save the city from this evil. The objective is pretty clear. Grab some gear, kill some aliens and shoot down the spaceships.

This map comes with a required add-on which works for 0.16.0 and above. It was created by the Minecraft developers to showcase add-ons in one of their presentations during Minecon.

Creators: Mojang, Twitter Account


These aliens are in fact zombies, skeletons and iron golems. But their textures and behaviors have been redesigned to turn them into aliens.


Some of the UFOs are actually flying around. Without the add-on they would be ghasts. It’s amazing to see what we can change in-game simply by creating and using these add-ons!


The objective is to destroy all of the spaceships. Make sure to read all of the signs in-game to understand how to eliminate each target.


I gotta say, it’s a really cool city! Maybe once you’ve saved the city from the aliens you can repair the damages and move in?


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