robot: Stronghold & End Portal

Spawn is very close to the village you have to get to. Just walk straight ahead and a little bit left and you will soon see the rooftop of one of the village houses. Enter the village and locate the well. Jump into it and swim down until you reach the floor of the well and destroy it to get through. That’s when you’ll get into the stronghold.

It would be to your advantage if you brought torches as otherwise it’ll be very dark and scary down there.

First off find the library because there you’ll find two chests. One located in the main bottom floor and the other located on the terrace above. Neither of the chests held anything of value for us when we tried it out but it might be different for you.

Now, lets head for the End Portal. There you will find a mob spawner and some lava and the usual things.

The last thing we discovered was a chest and it was crowded with many likeable treasures, such as gold and iron gear.

Seed: robot