1628823125: Epic Jungle Cliffs

Here is a seed which will spawn you just 100-150 blocks away from a large jungle biome. A bit further into the jungle there are lots of epic cliffs and mountain overhangs. It’s a really difficult type of terrain to pass through but that is what makes it an interesting seed.

Found by: Kosie24

How to find the jungle cliffs?

Turn around once you’ve spawned and cross over the river and then go straight through the spruce forest until you get to the jungle.

You can also use the following text command to teleport there instantly: /teleport 434 114 -41

Continue straight ahead and you should get there soon enough.

After a while you will notice a lot of mountains. Find a way to pass the mountains to get to the amazing cliffs and overhangs.

Even the images don’t really do this seed justice. I highly recommend that you try out the seed for yourself to get a better idea of how it looks like in-game.

Seed: 1628823125