-111411759: Dungeon in Stronghold

This is the first seed that I’ve ever come across which includes a dungeon inside a stronghold. It takes quite a bit of travel to get there but it’s totally worth it. The dungeon includes two chests and a skeleton spawner. To get to the end portal room you first need to get past that obstacle. It definitely makes for some fun gameplay.

Found by: Damasen

The spawn is in a plains biome which is situated in the center between a savannah biome and a desert biome. Turn to your right and walk straight into the desert. Continue on that path for at least 200 blocks.

As you continue straight ahead you should soon leave the desert biome and enter into a savannah biome and there you will find a village.

Find the well in the center of the village and dig down at the block as seen in the image down below.

After a while of digging you should see some mossy stone bricks. Break through the bricks to access the stronghold. Take the first turn to your right and walk down the two staircases.

Follow the hallway on your right.

And then take your next turn to your right.

And here you are, finally at your destination! Here you will find a stronghold which is situated just next to the end portal room. I’ve seen a lot of seeds throughout the years but never anything like it.

You’ll need 12 Eye of Ender to activate the portal.

Seed: -111411759