-908086585: Three Villages & One Temple At Spawn

This is a quite cool seed which includes three different villages (and one sand temple) in three different biomes. All of them can be found very close to spawn and there are lots of good loot which you can take from the chests found in the temple and a blacksmith. It’s a really good seed for survival mode since it will let you get lots off valuable items just within a few minutes from start.

Found by: TheGrimReaper0880

The spawn is on the border of a desert and plains biome. Straight ahead you will see a village in the plains biome and on your right you will find a desert village.

Neither of the villages are especially big. However, there is a blacksmith in the plains village which have a chest with some neat loot.

Here is a list of the loot which the chest contains.

  • 2 bread
  • 3 gold ingots
  • 1 iron horse armor
  • 1 iron boots

If you continue straight ahead but a little bit on your left toward the sand biome you will find a sand temple. It’s impossible to miss.

Go into the sand temple and break the colored blocks in the center. Down there you will find four hidden chests. Make sure not to step on the pressure plate since it will set off a bomb.

Here is a list of the loot which you will find the four chests combined.

  • 20 bones
  • 26 sand
  • 2 saddle
  • 10 rotten flesh
  • 2 spider eye
  • 4 enchanted books
  • 31 gunpowder
  • 3 gold ingots
  • 1 golden apple
  • 1 string
  • 1 gold horse armor

By continuing further into the desert you will soon come to a savannah village.

Seed: -908086585