290436335: Double Desert Temple

Here is a great seed to use for your next survival adventure. Just a little further away from spawn you will find two desert temples which include loads of gold ingots, iron ingots and some diamonds. Not a bad way to start off!

Found by: Starwolf_35

Once you’ve spawned turn around and walk (or fly) in that direction, crossing over the swamp lake.


After a while of walking straight forward you should be able to see the two desert temples. As they are generated so close to each other it almost looks like one big temple.


In each temple you will find 4 treasure chests, so in total 8 treasure chests just a few minutes after you’ve spawned. That’s pretty good! To find the chests walk in one of the temples then find the colored blocks in the center and dig down there. Make sure to stay clear of the pressure plate as it will trigger a TNT trap.

This is the combined look you will find in the 8 chests:

  • 2 diamond
  • 12 iron ingots
  • 22 gold ingots
  • 40 rotten flesh
  • 40 bones

Seed: 290436335