1405676452: Double Dungeon Under Spawn

Once you have spawned you will see a village just a little further ahead. But it’s what hidden deep underground that’s of particular interest in this seed. It’s a double dungeon with two mob spawners (spider and skeleton) and three chests!


To get there, just dig straight down at spawn and after a while you will drop into the double dungeon. It’s a really unique seed because never before here on MCPEDL.com have we seen such a seed.

In the chests you will find the following items:

  • 11 gunpowders
  • 10 iron ingots
  • 4 buckets
  • 4 strings
  • 3 bread loaves
  • 7 wheat

The village in front of spawn looks quite normal. It got no blacksmith though.


Seed: 1405676452