Mini SpeedRun (Modded Map!) [Parkour]

This is a speedrun map which includes a couple of jumping challenges and runs. It’s a really fun map to use as there is a built in time counter. Try to beat your scores and then post your best score in the comments. It’s a really short map (especially if you are good at parkour) but got enough challenges to be enjoyable.

Creator: Dearminder, Twitter Account

How to play?

Use the install guide further down to install the map and required mods. Once you’ve entered the map turn around and run over the stone pressure plates to start the start stopwatch. The experience bar is used for displaying the amount of time in seconds which it has taken you to finish the map.


The running course includes a number of parkour obstacles and jumps.


Once you’ve finished the track there is no way to stop the stopwatch (other than dying). Just remember what it was at and post your highscore in the comments!

Install Guide

This map is primarily for Android users as they can use the BlockLauncher app to install the mods. But if you are using some other operating system, e.g. iOS or Windows Phone, you can play the map with no mods. If so, use a Google Stopwatch or something similar to count your time.

  1. Use this guide to install the map.
  2. And then use this guide to install the two mods (SPCPE.js, commandblocks.js).
  3. Find the map in your world list and play it!